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adopt a black cat

We are a 501 (c) (3) non profit, no kill animal rescue organization that specializes in saving black cats and kittens by pulling them out of high kill shelters and off the streets of Los Angeles, fostering them and finding adoptive families to give them a forever home. We also provide holistic services as a supplement to traditional veterinary care to the cats that we rescue and to cats in the care of other rescue organizations in our area..

Our Most Recent Rescues

We are foster based rescue and rely 100% on foster homes to provide a safe, comfortable living environment for the cats and kittens that we rescue. SInce we do not have a facility to take our rescues, we must have commited foster ready to take them in.

We have many different types of fostering opportunities: 

  • emergency foster 24 - 72 hours

  • short term foster  2 - 6 weeks

  • long term foster 6 - 12 weeks

  • rehabilitative foster 6+ weeks

  • emergency disaster foster 

  • foster to adopt

Fostering saves lives! Sign up to be a foster now!

Black Cat Facts

  • Black cats are half as likely as other cats to be adopted from shelters.  


  • Black cats are considered bad luck because of ignorance and superstition. 


  • Black cats are often passed over because they don't photograph well, but they are beautiful in person


  • Having black fur is a death sentence for most black cats 


  • Black cats are just as lovable and deserving of homes and families as all other cats

Below is an example of some of the work we've been doing to save lives...

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