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Meet the Founder & Director of Black Cat Holistic Rescue

Tracey Lenac, Founder & Director of Black Cat Holistic Rescue, has been rescuing cats for 25 years. After many years as a volunteer for cat rescues in Los Angeles, Tracey started her own 501c3 non profit in 2015.

Even though Black Cat Holistic Rescue officially became a rescue in 2015, Tracey has been has been the voice for black cats since 1997 when she adopted her first black kitten in Kansas City, Kansas.

She named her first black kitten, Bastet, after the Ancient Egyptian goddess - goddess of cats and protectress of cats. Cats were sacred to the Ancient Egyptians and they are sacred to Tracey as well. The goddess Bastet was depicted as a black cat and she, along with her kitten Bastet (Bast for short) inspired her to fight against the discrimination of black cats.

Bast, Jesse & Nigel

Tracey has been caring for cats and kittens for 27 years in many different ways - through adoption, fostering, medical fostering, hands on rescue, TNR etc. In addition to her experience with cats and kittens, she has a Bachelors degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Education. She has been a Reiki Master Teacher for 18 years and works as a Reiki Therapist and Mindfulness Educator in Los Angeles, CA.

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