Donate a Foster Care Kit

We provide food, litter, litter boxes and other essential items to our foster parents if they are not able to afford these items. Please consider donating a basic, deluxe or supreme foster care kit to help the cats that we rescue from high kill shelters or off the streets of L.A. acclimate into their foster homes.

Donate $30 to provide the basic necessities needed for a cat to go from the shelter or the street to a foster home.

Donate $40 to provide a deluxe foster care starter kit. This kit includes everything from the basic kit + a nice warm bed and a toy.

Donate $60 to provide a supreme foster care kit. This kit includes everything in the deluxe kit + a Comfort Zone Diffuser. Comfort Zone is a diffuser that releases pheromones that help cats feel safe. It significantly reduces stress and promotes a calming effect. After being in a high kill shelter or living on the streets, most of our cats need this to help them transition.

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