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Holistic Supplements

We provide high quality veterinary care to all of the cats that we rescue. In addition to the traditional veterinary care that they receive, there are times when we feel that it is also necessary to provide holistic supplements to the cats we rescue with specific issues and/or diseases.

In addition to the treatments and medications prescribed by our veterinarians, we also give our rescue cats holistic supplements from Pet Wellbeing.

For our cats who have cancer, we give them Life Gold.

For our cats with Chronic Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure, we give them Kidney Support Gold.

For our cats with Feline Lower Urinary Tract DIsease, we give them Urinary Gold.

For our cats who are FIV + or have a compromised immune system, we give them Immune SURE.

FYI - We are an affilite for Pet Wellbeing and we do receive a very small percentage of every sale from our website, but we never endorse a product that we don't personally use. We believe in all of the products that we share with you 100%.

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