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Since Black Cat Holistic Rescue houses multiple cats and fosters, we try to minimize any allergens that might be an issue to the humans and cats residing together. Yes, cats have allergies too! Some of the most common allergens in a household with one or more cats are: pet dander, litter dust and pollen. However, if you live on the West Coast, another allergen and lung irritatnt is Wildfire Smoke.


We like Alen purifiers because they address all of the common allergens and also make a very powerful machine that filters heavy wildire smoke. Alen air purifiers are also manufactured for different size rooms, so you can place one in each bedroom with a smaller quare footage and then a larger one in the living area. 

You can easily compare Alen purifiers on their site so that you can choose the one that is best suited for your individual household here: Air Purifiers for Allergies and/or Wildfire Smoke

FYI - We are an affilite for Alen and we do receive a very small percentage of every sale from our website, but we never endorse a product that we don't personally use. We believe in all of the products that we share with you 100%.

Our top 10 Tips for People with Pet Dander Allergies

1. No matter how much you or your children love your cat, you shouldn't let them sleep in your bed or in your bedroom. We know this is a hard one, but if you suffer from allergies or asthma, this it is essential that your kitty has a nice comfortable bed in a different part of your house.

2. If at all possible, try not to live in a home that has wall to wall carpeting. Carpet traps in all sorts of allergens and dust, not just pet dander and when you go to vacuum all of it gets stirred up into the air. If you do have carpet or need to vacuum area rugs, use a vacuum with a hepa filter and never vacuum your bedroom right before you go to sleep.

3. Remember that carpeting harbors allergens when you need to move to a different home or apartment. You can find pet freindly homes and apartments that have hardwood, tile, laminate or vinyl flooring by carefully searching on or We have a tutorial of how to find pet friendly apartments here: MOVING?

4. Make sure your home is well ventilated. Open the windows and doors - if you have screens to keep your cat safe. Use window fans to circulate the air.

5. Keep your cat indoors at all times. Indoor/outdoor cats bring in pollen on their fur. This creates another allergen source that may cause problems for you and your cat.

6. Use waterless allergen wipes or shampoo to wipe the dander from your kitty on a regualr basis.

7. Use litter that is unscented and virtually dust free like Smart Cat All Natural Clumping Cat Litter by Pioneer Pet. This litter is chemical and frangrance free and 99% dust free. This is the litter that we use for all of our foster cats. 

8. Take over the counter allergy medicine if necessary or look into a more natural approach to allergies.

9. If you or your child have allergies, don't immediately assume that it is a cat allergy and hurry to get rid of your cat. Get tested. Find out everything that you are allergice to and eliminate the ones that aren't living, breathing family members first. Sometimes it is a combination of allergens that puts people over the top, so chip away at the others first!

10. Look into Immuotherapy. There have been breat medical advances in the treatment of all allergies, including pet dander. You can get tested and prescribed immunotherapy completely online at

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