We rescued Sarah from a high kill shelter in April of 2018. Shelter volunteers had been pleading with the public to save Sarah due to her extreme shyness, then she began shutting down inside her cage. Shelter staff had deemed her unadoptable and placed her on their kill list. Her time was running out.

Upon examination by the shelter veterinarian, it was determined that Sarah was about 7 years old, pregnant and only had three teeth. Unfortunately, it is common practice for the shelter to abort the kittens of pregnant mama cats and perform a spay surgery upon adoption or rescue. 

Thankfully, a kind woman who lives in downtown L.A. offered to foster Sarah. Sarash was severely depressed for the first few months in her foster home. She was mourning the death of her unborn kittens. We provided her with luxury cat beds, holistic rememdies for depression, special cat treats and even a stuffed little kitten to make her feel better.

Over time, she has become less depressed, but she is still shy. She longs for a forever home with another cat that will keep her company and a patient human who understands the trauma and hardships that she has had to overcome in her 8 years of life.

Sarah is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. 

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