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Helping Nigel with Daily Reiki

October 20, 2013

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August 24, 2013

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Helping Nigel with Daily Reiki

October 20, 2013

Nigel's Story

Nigel is a feral cat that was hit by a car in South Los Angeles.  He belonged to a feral colony of about 15 cats and was being fed by a kind resident.  One day, she noticed that Nigel had a very bad broken leg.  It was a compound fracture and his bone had been sticking out of his skin for weeks.  A local rescue organization trapped Nigel and rushed him to the vet where he underwent orthopedic surgery on October 10th, 2013.  Black Cat Holistic Rescue picked him up from the vet on October 14th, 2013 and has been caring for him since.


Nigel's Individualized Treatment Plan

Nigel was sent home with a cone to keep him from tearing his sutures out.  He was also prescribed a painkiller and an anti-diarrheal medication, both of which were administered with his food two to three times a day.  He receives weekly antibiotic injections as well as oral anitibiotics once a day.   Black Cat Holistic Rescue has been feeding him grain free cat food and has provided him with filtered water and  safe, non toxic, all natural litter.   Nigel receives Reiki multiple times a day while also being given affection through gentle petting and scratching of his ears, neck and body.  He is also encouraged and praised during his Reiki treatments.  He receives Bach Rescue Remedy three times a day and has also participated in crystal therapy.  Nigel gets a daily dose of sunshine and ocean breezes through an open window as he recouperates and rests while his bone and sutures heal. 



After just four short weeks of being with Black Cat Holistic Rescue, Nigel has gone from being a fearful feral that hissed, scratched and lunged at humans to a teddy bear who loves affection, craves being scratched behind his ears and enjoys his weekly car rides to the vet.  His doctor is very impressed with his progress.  He has gone from having to be sedated just to be examined to a very calm, brave and cooperative kitty.  This is how Reiki helps cats that have been injured, traumatized, abused an/or abandoned.  It helps them to heal from the inside out.  It calms them, so that they can recover and recuperate faster and with ease.

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